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PLEASE READ:  The catering menu is currently in beta testing.  All orders will be rejected at this time.  Each item on The Humusiya's catering menu has a set price based on approximate serving amounts.  There is a 15% discount on orders over $300.


Just order the food you want and set a date/time for pickup.  At least a week in advance is best.  You will then get a confirmation email whether or not your catering request has been approved.  For pick-up, come into the JCC and notify the front desk, or call ahead and roll up in front.  The food can be brought out to you.


If you want meat and dairy items, please make them on separate orders.  This helps us keep things separate.  If there is something off the menu that you would like, please contact The Humusiya directly below.  A planning fee will likely apply.


Hamsa The Humusiya
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